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Travel Inspired Perfumes – Travel the World with Fragrances

Travel Inspired Perfumes – Travel the World with Fragrances

  • April 13, 2022
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 The world of perfumery has revolutionized with recent innovations and additions. Everyone has started taking fragrances more seriously as an integral part of their character. This year has welcomed some of the most luxurious fragrances and artisanal scents. The fragrance of one’s body can make or break an impression. Perfumes are also capable of carrying memories and this can be best used while travelling. People not only want to have vacations far from home, but they want to relive those moments over and over again. This is where the fragrance industry is helping people to re-create their most memorable moments.

Travel perfumes can invoke memories in a way that souvenirs cannot. The sense of smell is considered so dominant that it can instantaneously transport you to places that have been etched in your memories for so long. They invoke memories that are so strong that as soon as you get a whiff, you end up thinking about the refreshing time you had. Such fragrances can take us from world famous beaches to parks to historic museums, and to everything in between. That is why people have been experimenting with the fragrances to live through the experience. 

How Do You Select Perfumes for Travel?

Fragrances are a personal choice and can never be generalized for everyone. The right perfume is all it takes to complete your look and decide your mood while you are travelling to the most exquisite locations. The following pointers will help you select the most relevant perfumes for travel.

A fragrance that suits you: The fragrance can literally be a mood booster if they are selected the right way. Different fragrances reflect different emotions like happy, energetic, mischievous, playful, etc. The same fragrance can smell differently on people depending upon the type or pH levels of skin. This makes it important to choose the perfume that suits you the best. Try experimenting different perfumes on your skin before you finalize the one that is best.

Select perfume with a small bottle: After finalizing the type of fragrance you want to wear; it is always a good idea to select the small travel size perfume bottle. Perfume bottles come in different sizes and you may be inclined to purchase the large size bottle as they are cheaper. But it is always a good idea to select 10-30 ml bottles. Purchasing a large bottle only to have shattered inside your bag, is something you would like to avoid. There are travel versions or roll-on versions of fragrance that can be used. Spray version a.k.a. Atomizer is a very good alternative too. They are designed to be travel friendly and are refillable in case you run out of liquid.

A trick that makes the difference: A travel hack that can be used to invoke fresh memories of your trips is to short list a few fragrances (generally a couple of them). It would be better to purchase brand new perfumes for every trip/ vacation. The idea is to wear those perfumes too often on the trip so that anytime you smell the same perfume again; they bring back the travel memories as if you are living it again. It is a well-researched fact that the sense of smell is one that lingers in the brain for the longest amount of time.

Best Perfumes We’re Loving Right Now For Travel


Travel perfume automizer

Finding the right travel perfume can be a challenging task. Even though fragrances are very personal, there are certain scents that almost everyone loves. We have made the process simpler by highlighting a few travel fragrances below that deserve your attention.

  • Women's 5 Piece Travel Set by Amouage (Mini Set): The mini set includes Gold Woman, Epic Woman, Reflection Woman, Jubilation 25 woman, and Honour Woman which are five precious creations from Amouage. Each of them comes decorated as crystal glass splash bottles.
  • “J” Travel spray by Costume National (Unisex): Costume National has a unique blend of two fashion culture: Japanese and the Italian. This spray provides an unusual mix and is enhanced by a recognizable and strong rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Mandarin orange, lime and neroli are its top notes.
  • The Precious Travel Floral 3 Piece Set for Women by Amouage: They are a perfect travel pack each containing 3 travel spray bottles of 10 ml each. Special boxes are used to house this bottle and have a floral art enveloped over it.
  • "I" Travel Spray by Costume National for Unisex (Mini Set): Costume National is known to offer fragrances blended using Japanese and Italian culture. This spray provides an unusual mix of Saffron, Bergamot, and Thyme as its top notes.
  • Men's 5 Piece Travel Set by Amouage - (Mini Set): The mini set includes Gold Man, Epic Man, Reflection Man, Interlude Man, and Honour Man which are five precious creations from Amouage. Each of them is a top-shelf perfume you would never regret wearing.
  • Chanel Chance Perfume Travel size: It is a woman fragrance which is both youthful and vibrant. It blends citrus, floral, and fruity accords and comes with travel friendly size which makes it all the more appealing.

Where can you buy Perfumes for travel in Australia? 

Perfume warehouse is a one-stop shop for all your perfume needs. We have an experience of 19+ years and are Australia’s leading perfume store. We have a very consumer friendly online shop and an extensive collection of fragrances which helps you select the best fragrance that suits you. You can easily find your signature scent that defines your personality and your mood.

FAQs :-

1. How do you transfer perfume to a travel bottle?

Various methods could be used to transfer perfume to a travel bottle. However, one of the most used ways is to fill a metal travel bottle from a travel perfume atomizer 

  • Remove the glass/plastic cap from atomizer so that vertical nozzle gets exposed to transfer it to travel bottle
  • Remove the metal casing of the bottle and bring out the plastic container
  • Align the red dot on the bottom of the plastic unit with nozzle on the main perfume bottle.
  • Gently press down on the travel bottle. Continue lifting up and down a couple of times until you perfume travel bottle is full.
  • Put back the glass/plastic cap of the main perfume bottle and place the plastic container of the travel bottle into the metal casing.


2. Can you put perfume in a plastic spray bottle?

Yes, you can put the perfume in a plastic spray bottle. The perfume can be poured into the plastic spray bottle from metal perfume atomizers in the following way:

  • Remove the plastic cap/sprayer from empty travel perfume bottle and unscrew the cap of the metal perfume atomizers
  • Hold the main perfume bottle directly above the travel bottle so that it sprays directly inside the plastic travel bottle
  • Spray repeatedly until the plastic bottle is full
  • Screw the sprayer and the cap in place to seal the bottle


3. Can deodorant be carried on international flights?

The deodorant of any quantity can be carried in your check-in baggage. However, you can carry any deodorant only up to 100ml in your cabin baggage. Sprays and liquid in excess of 100 ml are not allowed into cabin baggage.

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