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Tester Packaging

Perfume Tester Set - Decide your next fragrance with The Perfume Warehouse

Perfume testers by The Perfume Warehouse, are genuine, authentic, and exactly the same as their retail counterpart. The main difference between a tester and a perfume comes from a commercial point of view, they differ in price and packaging. The official perfumes have original and official ones and the testers don’t.

The major difference between a perfume and a tester are stated below:

  • Packaging – Perfume testers usually have subtle, simple and plain packaging, which is inexpensive. These are made up of reusable or cardboard type material.
  • Cost – The costs of perfume testers are low, mainly because of inexpensive packaging.
  • Caps – Testers are usually without caps so that the customers feel comfortable in testing the perfume.
  • Details – The packaging of testers has many foreign languages printed on it, which suggests that the supplier is to have perfumes from other countries too.

It is difficult to find the best tester perfumes online, but at The Perfume Warehouse we can help you out with our collection of tester perfumes. Here you can find all the latest and trending tester perfumes, perfume tester sets, and perfume tester sets for men and women.

What are Perfume testers? 

Perfume testers are just as original and authentic as the retail products, but they are often offered in an outer carton and without a label or cellophane. Production of testers is most often in the largest range of branded perfumes. 

The main purpose of perfume testers is to display and present the scent before being sold in large perfumeries and shopping centres. Testers are usually not for sale, but they often get sold and resold within the distribution and sales network.

Perfume tester for men and women

For years the perfume industry has assigned fragrances to genders and the talent and creativity of perfume makers is tested by consumer tests, and for these tester perfumes for both the genders are rolled in the markets for this purpose only. By keeping the packaging subtle, simple and not gender-specific, brands are usually able to get an honest idea about how good the fragrance is for either gender or anyone. According to the results they assign gender to these scents and then retail them.

In the large inventory of The Perfume Warehouse, perfume testers for both men and women are available. You can choose from a great variety of perfume testers from The Perfume Warehouse.

Explore the range of perfume & cologne testers from a variety of collection

The Perfume Warehouse comprises the best and most popular perfume testers. We have all the famous brands and stocks available for our customers. Other than this we offer great deals that are available for some of our premium products. The Perfume Warehouse has perfumes for both men and women, and we can go for any brand of their choice.  The Perfume Warehouse has the widest and most exciting range of cologne and perfume testers among all the other similar places.

Our Recommendations – 3 Best tester to choose your next fragrance

Here are the best tester perfumes that you can go for on The Perfume Warehouse:

  • Royal Princess Oud Tester Perfume It is a tester perfume by Creed and has an Amber Floral fragrance for women.  It was launched in 2015. The creator of this scent is Oliver Creed. It consists of fragrances of Bergamot, violet, rose, Patchouli, Tuscan iris, jasmine, vanilla absolute, sandalwood, agarwood(oud), etc.
  • Heat Rush – It is a tester perfume by Beyonce and has a floral fruity fragrance. It was launched back in 2010. This tester perfume is created by Honorine Blanc and has fragrances of passionfruit, blood orange, cherry, mango blossom, orchid, amber, musk, etc.
  • Let’s Settle This argument Like Adults - It is a tester perfume by Kilian and has an amber vanilla fragrance for both men and women. It is comparatively a new fragrance from others on the list, it was launched in 2018. It has fragrances of lemon, bergamot, fig nectar, green notes, vanilla, cedar, violet, amber wood, etc.


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