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Tester vs. Original Perfume: What is the Difference?

Tester vs. Original Perfume: What is the Difference?

  • January 27, 2023
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Tester v/s Original Perfume:

Are you curious about the difference between brand-named fragrances and testers? If yes, you have landed at the right place where The Perfume Warehouse addresses this question precisely for you. There is a misconception that the fragrances are thought to be more enduring and rich than the original aroma making many choose the "testers". Others state that they would not like to pay for anything that was not in their original package.

But what is the truth? The Perfume Warehouse unpacks the truth for you with the most requested questions from customers to gather as much information as possible on this widely contested subject.

What is a tester?

Are you also thinking about the difference between testers vs normal perfume? Testers are basically original perfumes frequently sold in outer cartons without labels or cellophane. The widest variety of branded perfumes frequently produces testers. The most popular packaging is 100 ml, while additional variations include 50, 75, 90, and 125 ml which are available too. The idea is to demonstrate and showcase the aroma before being officially launched in the market. Although testers are frequently sold and resold in the distribution and sales network, they are typically not for sale. Each tester contains 100 percent pure, authentic perfume liquid that is identical to the one in fragrance's complete packaging.

How to distinguish the official tester of perfume?

It is not difficult to differentiate between testers and official/normal perfume. Many of these products are defined as either having a colour packaging or being a tester. Testers are just as popular as perfumes, and many internet perfume retailers carry them. If you purchase perfume without packaging, a carton, or a brand, there is a possibility that it is a tester. The official fragrances come in branded packaging and are priced differently. higher than the tester, typically. So, make sure you are careful while purchasing perfume online to get exactly what you want.

What is the difference between a tester and a sampler?

Do you know what is sampler? You might picture tiny, labelled vials that are filled with the brand's perfume liquid. These are free promotional samples that are either used to test the fragrance or provided to promote the product. Contrary to testers, which typically come in a sizable vial similar to the perfume itself, little samplers typically contain about 1.2 ml of perfume fluid. They are only used for advertising and are never sold. Their purpose is to determine the essence of the product.

What is the difference between perfume and tester?

In case you are wondering about tester vs brand name perfume, tester bottles are identical to the real perfume bottle in many aspects. It contains the same liquid scent as is included in its standard products. They are essentially the same product, made by a similar company and of comparable quality. Given that they are correctly stored away from heat and bright sunlight, they also have the same shelf life.

The sole distinction is that a tester might not be equipped with a cap and tag. A tester is frequently packaged in a simple box without any cellophane or fancy titles on the bottle other than the word "tester." These tester bottles are typically less expensive than retail bottles offered in department shops because they lack the original wrapping. On the boxes of perfume testers, you can occasionally see writing in other languages. In other instances, testers may also include additional note breakdowns, which are fragrance information that is sometimes hidden on retail perfume bottles. To help in sampling, those may be the top notes in addition to the middle and base notes.

Is the tester more durable than official perfumes?

The testers last almost as long as the perfumes. The scents' and testers' longevity are identical however, it also relies on how they are stored. You can evaluate the durability of two different perfumes by keeping an authentic bottle and a tester without their lids in your purse for more than a month. This is because liquid perfume effloresces when it is not stored properly reducing the intensity of the aroma. However, it is crucial to make it clear that both varieties are made at the same facility using the same perfumers' scent formulations with identical vials. The only difference between them is in terms of the official advertising packaging.

Should I buy a tester?

The short answer is definitely, and before selecting whether testers are right for you, take into account your expectations. Buying testers has the obvious advantages of being less expensive and expanding one's fragrance collection. Many a time online fragrance stores frequently offer trial scents for sale at discounts that are very difficult to pass. 

The Best Place to Buy Tester Perfumes Online in Australia

In short, the perfumes and testers have the same 100% same fragrance. The only difference is between the vials and the associated packaging with which they come to you. So, now that your confusion regarding tester vs normal perfume is over, the next step is to buy the tester perfumes

There are various ways to purchase perfumes, depending on where you live in the world ranging from official websites, online purchases, retail shops, and discounters of fragrances online. But the easiest way is to buy tester perfumes online in Australia or anywhere. The Perfume Warehouse offers an array of tester collections from various brands that you can choose from. In addition to this, they also offer a wide variety of authentic designer and niche fragrances for both men and women

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