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How to pick the right cologne

How to pick the right cologne

  • October 01, 2021
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Fragrances are an invisible part of your personal style and a very important one. Perfumes and colognes are scents that men and women wear to enhance their beauty and presence. The right cologne can lift a mood, evoke fond memories, or just simply help you smell really good. There are a lot of best-smelling cologne on the market that smell good but you need to spot your signature scent. Your signature smell will help you stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you are a fragrance fanatic or new to scents, finding a scent you love can be a daunting experience. There are literally thousands of different perfumes and colognes available on the market that can make the buying process a little difficult. However, this should not stop you from buying the best scent that makes you feel confident. Knowing some terms and a little research can help you choose the right cologne very easily.

Know the notes

Knowing the notes of your cologne will enhance your shopping experience and you will land the right fragrance with utmost ease. Every perfume or cologne consists of different notes and these notes determine the overall scent. Notes reveal themselves in three layers such as top, heart, and base. The top notes will be strongest at first but will evaporate and let the other two take over. The heart notes are often florals and bind the scent with other elements. The base notes are usually the most prominent, and they always last the longest.

It is always a good idea to determine which types of cologne or perfume you prefer and then see which base notes they contain before making a purchase decision. You can conveniently pick the scent once you know the notes and how they work differently in layers.

Ask the cologne enthusiasts

ask the cologne expert for best smelling fragrance

Finding a scent you love can be challenging, but the experience can be enjoyable. When you are armed with the knowledge of scents the purchasing process becomes easy. In case you do not have a complete idea about the purchase process to choose the right cologne, you can always ask for guidance. There are various cologne enthusiasts who can help you understand your skin type, your preference, and help you pick a scent accordingly. The process of landing the right fragrance can be a little tricky and technical, however, the right guidance can help you reach the perfect one.

Different cologne for different occasions of life

Some colognes are capable of attracting all the attention in a room. A nice fragrance adds to your overall impression of being a sharp, put-together person. Think about mood and lifestyle and what fragrance will lend itself to it. It would be common sense to opt for a subtle or citrus smell while choosing cologne for work. A sexy musk might be more suited to a night out than an office environment. Whereas lighter floral might be more welcome in a professional environment than a woody or spicy one.

Gone are the days when a single bottle of cologne was all you needed to get you through all occasions and events. With a surplus of scents befitting only formal events and others made solely for the casual day-to-day, you need to carefully pick the right fragrances that fit the occasion. You need to specifically pay attention to the vibe and mood of the event while picking the scent.

Fragrance should suit your skin

Fragrances are highly individualistic and it is a good habit to have a signature scent. It gives you a sense of identity. It is necessary to choose the scent that matches your preference and personality. One thing that many people fail to consider, however, is whether the scent is suitable for their skin type.

Your body chemistry, heat, and the oils on your skin play an important role that affects how the cologne diffuses with your skin. It also has a significant influence on the duration a cologne wears on you. You will also have to consider your sin sensitivities while making the purchase decision. The correct fragrance for your skin will have an impactful, long-lasting scent.

Try the all-time bests smelling colognes

Best smelling colognes

Colognes are well-known grooming products because of the huge variety in sensation each fragrance holds. The smell is the most powerful sense and there are some classic cologne scents that never go out of fashion. Best-smelling colognes are not so difficult to spot. You know a great scent as soon as you pass by one. There are various fragrances available that you can choose to leave your mark. A great fragrance can also turn heads for the right reasons. Here is a list of some all-time classic smelling colognes which do not fade with time.

Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton Imagination, Ralph Lauren Polo Cologne Intense, Calvin Klein Eternity for Men, Arquiste Misfit

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