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Burberry Her perfumes - The latest collection of luxury perfumes from the legendary house of Burberry

Burberry Her perfumes - The latest collection of luxury perfumes from the legendary house of Burberry

  • September 14, 2022
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What is so interesting about Burberry Her Fragrances? 

The Burberry Her fragrances have been a huge success for the brand, after some less successful releases in the last 10 years or so. Burberry Her are typically bold, feminine scents that focus on either berries or vibrant floral components. Although Burberry Her is a newcomer to the perfume industry, it has swiftly ascended to become one of its most well-liked smells and best spring fragrances. This says a lot about how highly this fragrance rates in terms of quality for the future. To say, Burberry Her is a highly distinctive and free-spirited fragrance for the modern woman. 

Range of Burberry Her Perfumes

If you are looking to buy Burberry perfume, here is an extensive range of the best burberry perfumes for you.

Burberry Her Eau De Parfum:

Burberry Her is a powerful scent that lingers for a long time and easily makes the cut for the best spring fragrances. It has the scent notes of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, sour cherry, and black currant. The composition makes it a must-try for any aficionados of fruits of the forest. However, some feel that Burberry Her perfume is a deep and seductive fragrance rather than merely a fruity pleasant perfume. A patchouli base note, along with vanilla and violets, is used to achieve this. The fragrance also has a cashmere and jasmine component. Overall, Burberry Her has a standout note. For someone looking for a strong smell, experts would heartily recommend it because of its remarkable lasting power.

Burberry Brit Sheer Eau De Toilette:

Burberry Brit Sheer embodies subtle elegance, originality, and has a zest for romance and adventure, exuding a fresh and natural “joie de vivre”. The scent captures the youthful essence of Burberry Brit and is playful and bright. It’s best described as fruity and floral, reminiscent of peonies and roses, perfect to wear for day time, the workplace, spring/summer, and a casual evening out. You will notice pineapple leaves, delicious lychee, and grapes raising the glistening top notes of vibrant yuzu and mandarin and the body exhibiting a light and floral blend of peony, peach blossom, and sweet pea with a faint nashi undertone. Lastly, the white musk and creamy amyris wood forms a brilliant veil as the aroma dries, making it a modern iteration of the first Burberry Brit. 

Burberry Her London Eau De Parfum:

Interestingly, Burberry Her London Dream and Burberry Blossom are similar in a lot of ways. Once more, Peony serves as the dominant note, this time being joined by a sour ginger and lemon. While many see the Burberry Her London Dream as less sweet than Burberry Her Blossom, it is equally straightforward. Burberry Her London Dream is a fragrance that is recommended for hot, muggy conditions and for those seeking a straightforward, energizing and refreshing scent.

Burberry Her Weekend Eau De Parfum:

Weekend for Women is a calming, rustic-style fragrance. This calming, powdery scent as the name suggests is meant for the weekend. The top notes are mandarin and aromatic greens and the middle notes are blue hyacinth, iris, nectarine, peach flower, crimson cyclamen, and wild rose. Further, the combination of sandalwood, cedar, and musk in the dry down is flawless. You will fall in love with it if you enjoy invigorating fragrances. It smells strongly of something energizing and it quickly makes you feel happier. The Burberry Her Weekend Eau De Parfum 100ml bottle will last for months because the scent only needs a few sprays and smell quite strong, lasting for almost more than 6 hours.

Burberry Her Brit Eau De Parfum:

The Burberry Her Brit is a delicate, fresh fragrance that combines old and modern elements with notes of fresh green almond, ice pear, and Italian lime followed by sugared almonds and white peony. It is subtle yet sensual and cool. The Burberry Brit scent embodies English tradition and nobility while maintaining heritage in a contemporary way. It has fresh notes of green lemon, frosted pear, and white almond present in the opening and white peonies blooming in the heart. And lastly, the dry down is exceedingly sweet with end notes of vanilla, amber, mahogany, and balsamic Tonka bean. The fragrance offers a slightly lighter, fresher feel, making it perfect if you don’t want anything too bold.

Burberry Her Touch Eau De Parfum

This is a soft, casual fragrance which you can wear during the day or early evenings. The top notes of blackcurrant, cranberry, pink peppercorn and cassis add freshness to the fragrance and create a fruity, bright scent. The floral middle notes of rose, lily of the valley and jasmine mix with fruity notes of peaches and raspberries for a refreshing scent. And the end notes of vanilla, cedarwood and oakmoss add warmth to the fragrance, leaving a trail like an English blanket and creating a calming warmth. The overall combination results in a woody-floral-fruity fragrance. It is a very fresh but still slightly warm fragrance which is light and intense at the same time. The perfume comes in a glass bottle with a wooden lid and a base that is broader than the top, giving it a very opulent appearance and making it a sophisticated, classy, and feminine choice.

Where to Buy Burberry Perfumes Online: The Ultimate List

When you are looking for new scents to add to your collection, there are countless alternatives available. But the Burberry range of perfumes has ideal options whether you are seeking for something that's both fruity and/or floral. For any woman who wants to feel attractive and feminine, Burberry perfumes are a great pick. They are light enough to be subtle and delicious on your skin without being too overwhelming or overbearing. You will want to wear these perfumes constantly once you smell it. 

So, if you are searching for something fresh with a delicious aroma that isn't too heavy or overwhelming, try out the extensive range of Burberry perfumes at The Perfume Warehouse.

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